Photography is a wonderful way to show the world your passion and creativity. The digital era has made it possible for almost anyone to pursue photography as a hobby or as a career. My interest started when my husband purchased our first DSLR. We set it to Auto mode and starting clicking. We were amazed at the results. As we look back now, only a few of the pictures we took that first year are worthy of posting, and you'll actually find some of them on this site, but we were certainly impressed back then.

We love all aspects of digital photography, but are most passionate about landscapes, scenery, wildlife, nature, and sports. Our portfolio includes nature, landscapes, wildlife, macro, everyday life, creative abstracts, people and pets, sports, travel, seasonal, and other various events and subjects. If you are interested in purchasing from our galleries or an event you attended, or if you would like to schedule us to photograph your event, please visit the contact page.






Aug 2015

Recipe of the Month


Mix dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl and set aside.

Blend the wet ingredients in a blender/food processor or with your Nutri Ninja for about 20 seconds. The mixture should be well blended and smooth.

Combine the all ingredients and whisk until smooth. Stir in blueberries for a real treat! Cook on a griddle at 325 F. Top with strawberries, pecans and/or walnuts, and real maple syrup. YUM!!!

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Healthy Pancakes

Summer 2015

Fitness Tip

Get Healthy....Stay Healthy

Start each day with a healthy breakfast and make time for workouts.




Be careful when buying low fat, no fat, sugar free products. These aren't necessarily better for you. In many cases, the substitutions include chemicals that are harder for your body to process or may even cause unwanted side effects. For example, eat real butter, just in moderation. Many low fat or fat-free products may have added sugar and/or sodium. Read Labels!

Be sure to include some type of activity in every day. Maybe it's just walking around the block or walking your dog. Start small and keep adding steps as you feel stronger. Eventually shoot for 10,000 steps a day.







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2015 - 2016

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