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What an Amazing Trek through Wyoming!

We started planning our Trek through Wyoming and Utah in January, and finally June had arrived, and it was time to travel!

Tampa to Wyoming

We had planned 2 full weeks doing a self-drive from Jackson Hole, north to the Grand Tetons, north to Yellowstone, then back to the Tetons and Jackson. For the second part of our journey, we drove from Jackson through Idaho and south into Utah. We visited most of the National Parks in southern Utah, and then flew home from Salt Lake City.

This was the route we planned to take from the day we arrived in Jackson Hole on Day 1 until our last day of vacation in Salt Lake City on Day 15 and all the stops in between.

Wild West

We packed for winter and summer, and it was a good thing that we did, said goodbye to our fur girl, and flew out of Tampa.

Wild West

Over the next 2 weeks, we would experience warm sunny days, freezing rain, snow, sleet, cold windy days, fog, clouds, very hot dry days, desert heat, thunderstorms, dust bowls.....and even a flash flood.

Goodbye Tampa

We had an early flight from Tampa to Dallas



Dallas to Jackson Hole. We were getting close and getting excited! This is a part of the country none of us had seen before.


The Grand Tetons are in sight.


I couldn't decide if this was Jenny Lake or Jackson Lake, but after exploring this area for several days, I have concluded that it is Spalding Bay, the southern end of Jackson Lake.


Flying by Grand Teton, the highest peak in the Tetons at 13,770 feet. Also the second highest peak in Wyoming.




The airport is pretty small and very western to fit the area. I think we were the only arriving flight.




I always wondered why people visited Jackson Hole. I had no idea it was the city that linked visitors to the amazing Grand Tetons or that Wyoming was so picturesque. I guess I should have picked up a map and a book at some point in my life. Well, I know now!


First Stop: Jackson Hole.....& Beyond......

CLICK the Map below to follow along on our Day 1 Journey through the Grand Tetons.

After Jackson Hole, we also visited:

  • Scenic Drive up Route 191 (Tetons to our west)
  • Snake River Overlook (Ansel Adams Photo)
  • Schwabacher Landing (Reflecting Ponds)
  • Moulton Barn
  • Oxbow Bend
  • First Bison Sighting
  • Signal Lodge
Grand Tetons


Day 1 Complete.

After spending the rest of our travel day in the Grand Tetons, we spent the next morning and afternoon there as well. By early evening, we were heading north to Yellowstone.

We woke up early, grabbed a quick bite, fueled up, re-iced the cooler, and headed out to catch some beautiful golden morning sunshine:

  • Reflections at Oxbow Bend
  • Reflections at Schwabacher Landing
  • Mormon Row and Moulton Barn
  • Jenny Lake the rain
  • Jackson Lake & Resort
  • Drive to Yellowstone

CLICK the Map below to follow along on our Day 2 Journey through the Grand Tetons.


Grand Tetons


Day 2....Busy, Fun, Scenic, Cold, Wet.....All Good!


Days 3 and 4 were actually spent in Yellowstone. Feel free to click the tabs below to follow along as our journey actually happened, or click the Teton Map below to complete our Grand Tetons visit and then follow the Yellowstone links.

Options are Good


Day 1: Yellowstone
Day 2: Yellowstone



After Yellowstone, we returned for one more day in the Tetons. Even though we saw plenty of wildlife in Yellowstone, we were hoping to see a little more before heading to Utah, where we expected to see none.

Click the map below for Day 3 in the Tetons (Day 5 of our Wyoming Vacation).

  • Colter Bay / Jackson Lake
  • Signal Mountain
  • Scenic Drive along Teton Park Road
  • Phelps Lake Hike
  • Yellow Flowers Along the Road
  • Wildlife Near Gros Ventre River
  • Overnight in Jackson Hole


Grand Tetons


If you didn't already click on the Yellowstone links above, Click the image below for 2 Days in Yellowstone in June.

Yellowstone NP




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